Credit photo : Albatros Studio.
Somerset Printmakers – ‘Flying’

18th March – 1st April (daily) 10-5pm

Albatros Print

Studio, East Quay Watchet

A re-visioning of what printmaking can mean.

A showcase of how fourteen experienced printmakers, underpinned by their collective experience in nearly every conventional method of printmaking, have been pushing boundaries, improvising, experimenting and asking themselves what making a print can be about.

Using the words Improvise, Innovate, Surprise, Salvage and Shift as starting points, the artists have been working individually towards getting prints off old grounds, and heading into the unknown. They will all be as curious as our visitors to see what the others have been up to. Some have been using whatever material is to hand, working in and out of the studio, others finding ways to make new work out of old. Some experiments fly, others crash. All their experiences and processes are recorded and bound into a large, handmade log book, open for visitors to see how these shifts in perception have come about.

Bronwen Bradshaw, Gail Mason, Jacy Wall, Jane Mowat, Jenny Graham, Julia Manning, Pennie Elfick, Sally Hebeler, Sarah Ward, Sebastian Chance, Judy
Willoughby, Sue Lowe, Stéphanie Max.