Commissionned art work

« Sky, land, sea »

Window display

February to March 2021, Yeovil Art Sapce, UK

Commissioned art work by Yeovil Window wanderland.

‘Sky, land and sea‘ is a window display put together by artist Stephanie Max, Natasha Rand and Hannah Bottomley with contribution from Yeovil residents. »

The artists designed activity packs included materials for the community to get inspired and started their own window display. Each artist realised an online workshop to explain their pack.

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« A gift »

Window display

June 2020, Yeovil ART Space, UK

Commissioned art work by Yeovil Art Space.

« We invited French artist Stephanie Max to create a window artwork titled ‘A GIFT’ reflecting on her experience at home during lockdown. »

« Music is broken ?« 

Mix medias on paper, 30×30.

June 2019, exhibition at Frome, UK.

Commissioned art work by Fifty BEES : The Interconnectedness of All Things.

Art meets the environment and entomology, by Lydia Needle artist and curator.

« Lydia Needle has created fifty life-size bees to represent fifty of the 275 bee species in the UK. The project was devised to showcase the plight of the British bee. So far she has created 200 sculptures, but she is aiming to complete 275 – one for each of Britain’s bees.« 

« Mental dump »

Collaboration with the poet Ben coudert.

June 2019, Yeovil, UK & Paris, France.

Commissioned art work by « Les impromptus », litterary and poetic review.

« Divine docks »

2 kakemonos.

12 july – 24 September 2017.

Brest’s railway station, France.

Keep in with our Divine docks’ project, we created 2 more Kakemonos for our exhibition in Brest’s railway station.

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