Commissionned art work

« Community »

Part of the Community Art School run in Yeovil Art Space, I was invited to create a new body of work for the Community exhibition, 6 April- 14 May 2022.

“White houses / My heart is a palace” / Set of studies made of plaster.

“Blue Homes, home blues” / Set of cyanotypes studies on paper.

16 mm experimental analog film, a collaboration with the artist Dawn Handy.

« Together « 

Collective exhibition

19 May – 30 June 2021 , Yeovil Art Sapce, UK

Commissioned art work by Natasha Rand and supported by

‘Together We Are Stronger’ is a project to record stories of isolation, bravery, and kindness during lockdown to reconnect generations and foster a sense of community (during the Covid-19 pandemic) via digital storytelling. 

Natasha Rand invited Yeovil Creatives’ members to take part in this community project and create a response throught the title as a theme, and podcast. The artworks would be given as a gift to the Care Homes to the elderly residents who shared their stories with us to enable the project TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER to become such a special way to connect through creativity. Before that, Yeovil Creatives’ responses will take part on the exhibition, in middle April to end of May in Yeovil Art Space .

I created a theather book in response of the title and theme of resilience. To know more about my commission:

Browse the book here.

« Restriction »

4 story boxes, paper miniatures, 4x3cm

March-April 2021, Clay hill Arts, UK

Commissioned art work by Correspondence collective.

« Inspired by Mail Art and by the restrictions many of us have experienced due to covid-19, new work is sought for an exhibition of miniature pieces of art which will be displayed in a set of old letter press drawers and showcased online through livestream and video. »« 

Theses story boxes are inspired by the theme of “restriction”, British Sign Language and my experiences though this third lockdown. To see the 4 story boxes :

Exhibition opens 23 March 2021 with a livestream online until 6 April 2021.

« Sky, land, sea »

Window display, craft prk and online workshop

February-March 2021, Yeovil Art Sapce, UK

Commissioned by Yeovil Window Wanderland.

‘Sky, land and sea‘ is a window display put together by artist Stephanie Max, Natasha Rand and Hannah Bottomley with contribution from Yeovil residents. »

The artists designed activity packs included materials for the community to get inspired and started their own window display. Each artist realised an online workshop to explain their pack.

I dedicated my participation to the sky and built birds with hands as templates for the wings. The symbol of birds are very powerful and was such important for me during this third lockdown. I was very delight to share this main idea with the community and see so personnal birds on windows on my surrondings envirronement and some back for our collective window as well.

To know more about my participation,

More info :

« A prairie »

Collaborative art work, digital collage

Spring 2020, Yeovil ART Space, UK

Commissioned art work by Yeovil Art Space.

I created with the artist Dorothea Roger, Bristol based, this set of pictures in response of a collaborative art project put together by Yeovil Creatives members, creating artwork which responding to the theme ‘Solidarity & Kindness’ during the first UK lockdown, March-April 2020.

Connection with people, neighbourhood and nature took a new dimension for me from spring 2020; I worked trought these themes. I proposed to the Liverpool based artist Dorothea Rogers to work with me, and we gave birth to « A prairie » together.

Dorothea decided to go with collage and a poem about bees written by Emily Dickinson.To the artist, the poem is about making things with dreams and hope and hard work. It’s about building habitats in any conditions.

« A gift »

Window display, painting on glass and installation

June 2020, Yeovil Art Space, UK

Commissioned art work by Yeovil Art Space.

« We invited French artist Stephanie Max to create a window artwork titled ‘A GIFT’ reflecting on her experience at home during lockdown. »

Precious presents, water lily and gingko biloba are both very inspiring symbols, who narrate us hope and rebirth. Everywhere I live I meet very inspiring and wonderful people, who give so much for the others. In the heart of Yeovil, an “Art space” is opening, a HUB to host Yeovil Creative people and networking groups. Such a great gift for art lovers, locals, people from different horizons, curious, dreamers…  A jewel to support art local business and art skills.  

Life can be very hard, so hard; despite the difficulties, this “Yeovil Creatives’” window display reflects my positive thoughts, I choose to celebrate life, happiness and optimism about community and what we do together.

« Music is broken ? »

Mix medias on paper, 30×30.

June 2019, exhibition at Frome, UK.

Commissioned art work by Fifty BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things.

Art meets the environment and entomology, by Lydia Needle artist and curator.

« Lydia Needle has created fifty life-size bees to represent fifty of the 275 bee species in the UK. The project was devised to showcase the plight of the British bee. So far she has created 200 sculptures, but she is aiming to complete 275 – one for each of Britain’s bees.« 

I enjoy working with key-words and symbols making connections between words and imagery. When I was given my allocated bee, the “Cat’s-ear Nomad bee”, the name spoke to me immediately. Upon researching my bee I learnt that “Cat’s-ear” is actually also the name of a plant. Sounds and ways to communicate guided my research process.

« Mental dump »

Collaboration with the poet Ben coudert.

June 2019, Yeovil, UK & Paris, France.

Commissioned art work by « Les impromptus », litterary and poetic review.

« Divine docks »

2 kakemonos (80X160 cm)

12 july – 24 September 2017

Brest’s railway station, France

DIVINE DOCKS is a body of work created by Pascale Loget and I to reinvent the docks of Brest in Brittany, France. For this project we revisited the Japanese Kakemonos, a type of scroll paintings or calligraphies mounted on a flexible backing. 

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