Collaborative window display

Yeovil Window Wanderland 15-28 February 2021

Yeovil Art Space « bringing Window Wanderland to Yeovil between 15 and 28 February 2021. Working with volunteers, artists, creatives, neighbourhoods, organisations and local businesses, together we created a festival of colour and light that illuminate the town for two weeks in the darkest months. Anyone could join in either awanderer or a windowmaker. »

‘Sky, land and sea‘ is a window display put together by artist Stephanie Max, Natasha Rand and Hannah Bottomley with contribution from Yeovil residents. »

The artists designed activity packs included materials for the community to get inspired and started their own window display. Each artist realised an online workshop to explain their pack.

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I dedicated my participation to the sky and built birds with hands as templates for the wings. The symbol of birds are very powerful and was such important for me during this third lockdown. I was very delight to share this main idea with the community and see so personnal birds on windows on my surrondings envirronement and some back for our collective window as well.

Publié par Stéphanie Max

I'm french artist based in Somerset, UK. Figurative printings, drawings, paintings, collages.... on paper. Inspired by nature, the human body, the environment, beliefs... I mix techniques in creating my work

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