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« Together We Are Stronger » is a project to record stories of isolation, bravery, and kindness during lockdown to reconnect generations and foster a sense of community (during the Covid-19 pandemic) via digital storytelling. The project is led by Natasha Rand and supported by Yeovil Art Space.

Natasha invited Yeovil Creatives‘ members to take part in the project, to give an art response to the title and the theme of resilience.

It is the first time ever for me to create a theater book. Very delicate and enjoyable process! Playing with layers, think about what must be seen or hidden is very exciting, create a full storytelling… I wished to create something new and have a challenge in response to the new situation and challenging time we are living in since spring 2020.

I am creating a story about my feelings through this third lockdown mixed with stories I heard around me and podcasts from the community project. Even in very dark and sad wintertime, you still have some light somewhere and the possibility to find new sources of power and enchantment. The sense of community was very powerfull for me, nature, love, inspiration, new challenges as well. In the podcasts, some testimonies resonnate a lot for me, about travelling and desire

« We Are Stronger Together » exhibition will take place at Yeovil Art Space from 17th May to the end of June . All commissions from Yeovil Creatives artists are going to be given to the residents from care homes who are taking part in the project and podcasts.

Browse the book here.

Please find the other 11 commissions from local artists here.

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I'm french artist based in Somerset, UK. Figurative printings, drawings, paintings, collages.... on paper. Inspired by nature, the human body, the environment, beliefs... I mix techniques in creating my work

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