Somerset Reacquainted

« Somerset Reacquainted is a project which captures the essence of a rural county in lockdown from the perspective of more than 60 artists. It seeks to reflect and communicate the experience of isolation we all shared. »

Spring 2020. My starting point was my daily delight I found to start growing vegetable just behind my house, first time ever. I’m still enjoying all colors and shapes of my allotment so far, where I spent half of my days after the national lockdown. I am taking the time to grow vegetables within an appropriate space. I do love put part of it in my house, such dried parts to pick up latter seeds and leafs. My house become a refuge for these treasures. New roof on top of our heads, new hanging bouquets on the windows, new indoor landscapes. Nature is everywhere, indoor, outdoor, in my mind, my body. I use to observe what’s remain of my vegetables, dried sculptures with fade colors. Fragility. New place of discovery and delight.

Automn 2020. I keep going to developp the project, be connected with nature, my surrounding environement, what I a experiancing during this first year of Covid-19. I’m still facinated with the fragiles and damages bean leafs I care from summer and it’s my main source off inspiration. I m manipulating these shapped with themes of house, refuge and body.

Winter 2020-21, third lockdown in England…. My house is my main journey, I miss nature, the weather is awefull and I do home learning for my kids mornings and afternoon. I have a deeper relation with my close family, I rediscover my house.

Drawings, winter 2020-21

Nina Gronw Lewis proposed to the artists who are taking part in Somerset Reacquainted « to produce one original page each to be bound by me with an open spine Coptic binding, with hardcovers and possibly a box to protect it and give longevity. » This book will be exhibited in ACE arts in Somerton and other venues as part of the Somerset Reacquainted Tour exhibition and events, which takes place between April 2021 – April 2022. More about that very soon…

Spring 2021. I’m developing small paper house scuptures

Somerset Reacquainted started from conversations between Sara Dudman and Zoe Li from Somerset Art Works at the beginning of the lockdown period.

To know more about the project and the first exhibition :

Publié par Stéphanie Max

I'm french artist based in Somerset, UK. Figurative printings, drawings, paintings, collages.... on paper. Inspired by nature, the human body, the environment, beliefs... I mix techniques in creating my work

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