Story boxes

4 miniatures in paper cutting for a collective project

« Correspondence collective ».

« Inspired by Mail Art and by the restrictions many of us have experienced due to covid-19, new work is sought for an exhibition of miniature pieces of art which will be displayed in a set of old letter press drawers and showcased online through livestream and video. »

I was selected with other 200 artists from all over the world to respond with tiny art works on the theme « restriction ». My creativity was guided with paper as always; for a while I wished to have a go with 3D paper and it was the right time to start with on this project. I created 4 story boxes as houses (3 cm width x 4 cm length) to set up my little stories and narrate about restriction of body movement, communication, the lack to be physically together, the impossibility to see the sea, family, friends…. lake of breath, space, liberty, physicall contact, landscapes…..

I integrated paper hands inspired by British Sing Language, to highlight my difficulty to express myself in english or in french, search for a new language during these unprecedent times of pandemic. I wrote some tiny secret messages in french inside my “story boxes », in a very free style, messages to myself. This 4 story boxes are an important testimony for me trough this third lockdown, they are time capsules about the theme “restriction” and what does it means for me right now.

4 paper sculptures 4×3 cm each
From the top left to down right: « HOME », « LANGUAGE », «  FLY » and « TOGETHER »
Posctcards from the exhibition
Close-up from the tray number 10

Publié par Stéphanie Max

I'm french artist based in Somerset, UK. Figurative printings, drawings, paintings, collages.... on paper. Inspired by nature, the human body, the environment, beliefs... I mix techniques in creating my work

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