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« Somerset Re-acquainted », a collective reflection during lockdowns organised by Somerset Art Works, with Zoe Li, Artist Development Manager at  Somerset Art Works and the artist Sarah Dundman.

« ‘Somerset Re-acquainted’ is a creativity-in-isolation project for SAW members. The project encourages artists to refresh their engagement with their locality, using ideas of reacquaintance as a starting point to discover and re-discover excitement and purpose in their artistic practice. »

My starting point was my daily delight I found to start growing vegetable just behind my house, first time ever, spring 2020. I’m still enjoying all colors and shapes of my allotment so far, where I spent half of my days after the national lockdown. For the first time ever, I am taking the time to grow vegetables within an appropriate space. I do love put part of it in my house, such dried parts to pick up latter seeds and leafs. My house become a refuge for these treasures. New roof on top of our heads, new hanging bouquets on the windows, new indoor landscapes. Nature is everywhere, indoor, outdoor, in my mind, my body. I use to observe what’s remain of my vegetables, dried sculptures with fade colors. Fragility. New place of discovery and delight.

Automn 2020. I keep going with the project and my thoughts. I’m still facinated with the fragiles and damages bean leafs I care from summer and it’s my main source off inspiration. I m manipulating these shapped with themes of house, refuge and body.

January 2021, third lockdown in England…. the project keep going…

« Somerset Reacquainted is a project which captures the essence of a rural county in lockdown from the perspective of more than 60 artists. It seeks to reflect and communicate the experience of isolation we all shared. »

To know more about the project and the first exhibition :

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