Divine Docks

DIVINE DOCKS is a body of work created by Pascale Loget and I to reinvent the docks of Brest in Brittany, France. For this project we revisited the Japanese Kakemonos, a type of scroll paintings or calligraphies mounted on a flexible backing (80X160). 

We worked with drawing, linocut, photograph… and uses these in digital collage to create a unique vision of the city of Brest, Finistère. Colorful landscapes, free adaptations, the story of Brest always inspired us as artists, without limit.

We designed chic big handbags manufactured in France with a water-repellent canvas. Sewn and assembled in Finistère, France.

We created a set of colorfull postcards.

Our web site : http://www.quaisdesreves.fr/

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