New meaning

Last months affected me in many way, like most of us, and have repercussion on my art practise, inevitably. In an unexpected creative path, with lake of space, time and focus, I started during winter time tiny paper sculptures and drawings very detailed with materials and tools I have at home. Nature was always a major source of inspiration and this is exploded literally since mars 2020 on my daily life and art work.

These pieces of work narrate my feelings and thoughts, ripped between domestic tasks and confinements, a muted cry of freedom, need of plain nature and fresh air, all heightened. The meaning of “home” changed so much through the Covid period, between a spectrum of refuge-prison feelings, new inside-outside boundaries, physically and mentally, to reconsider. A house to re-imagine, to re-view and re-experience. A home distance is stronger when you are not able to go back to your roots as you wish.

Indoor/outdoor reverie / October 2021
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