In 2018, I started to work with plastic bottles, as an obsession, with the first prints of « Plastic beauty » and « Take a deep breath« . Bottles were everywhere in my studio and the set of « Plastic world » paintings was born. Food and environnement matters are very important in my work.

These paintings, like often in my works, decrypts matter of ecology, pollution and environment.  Bottle cities, plastic bodies, underground views and nets in the sea putting in spotlights on my areas of concern.

Shapes are very important in my work, the repetition too. For this set, bottles, jars and human shapes are my symbols and motifs.

What we are doing with wrappings and packaging? What kind of world we are building with all these plastics stuffs? Plastic is everywhere, on earth, on air, on countryside and cities, on sea, on our body and mind.

« Archeology », acrylic, 36×36, 2019 « Body plastic », acrylic, 36×39, 2019 « Watch! », acrylic, 45×35, 2019 « Plastic rock », acrylic, 45×36, 2019 « Plastic city », acrylic, 42×36, 2019 « Plastic world« , acrylic, 39×36, 2019

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