Community Art School

(Positive art self-care placards created by the artists with the tutor Fiona Winning.)

Yeovil Art Space / October 2021 – May 2022

I was very glad to be part of the first Community Art school cohort formed of 9 Yeovil Creatives members.

« Funded by Arts Council England, the school has been visited each month by a varied programme of guest tutors who shared new techniques and ideas such as working with plaster, experimental film, alternative photographic processes and mixed media as well as concepts of self care for the artist, writing statements and curatorial study. Led by Community Art School producer Carolyn Lefley and Project Director Zoe Li, the programme offered a chance to learn, experiment and collaborate, giving a new environment for the artists to grow in their practice, make new connections and ultimately discover sustainable ways to thrive as professional and community engaged artists. » Yeovil Art Space website.

In April-May, in Yeovil Art Space, a graduate exhibition showcases all of the workshops experimented with over the last six months and each associate has been invited to make and exhibit work in response to their experience in the Art School. I create for this special occasion plaster sculptures and cyanotypes on the theme of House.

« For the exhibition, I present 4 cyanotypes and plaster sculptures studies, techniques which were taught by our tutors. The ultramarine colour irresistibly attracts me and makes the connection with printmaking, such as the principle of mould and his principle of repetition . I developed these two techniques alongside the theme of “Home”, a research project I started during winter, 2021. Today, as I am preparing to move to an eighth house, and with regards to the situation in Ukraine, my thoughts are focused on what we keep from place to place, materially and intangiblely. What souvenirs, what relations do we keep through the years? »

Moreover, I created in collaboration with Dawn Handy, a 16 mm experimental film.

« A collaboration between Stephanie Max & Dawn Handy. Music: ‘Earth Cycle’, Rob Blaine. We experimented by repurposing DIY 16 mn film during one session of the Community Art School, with the filmmaker James Holcombe. We were interested in collaborating and decided to embrace this new technique, a fantastic new canvas to work on. This experimental film was inspired by the theme of Celebration, the incredible experience of learning new processes whilst working alongside other artists. It is also a response to the meditative music of Rob Blaine, entitled ‘Earth Cycle’, from the album: Spirit Walk, Music for Meditation II. An echo to the Community Art School which gives us the opportunity to have a peaceful and informative reflection on our own practice.« 

Archive table on the Community show / experimentations from workshops

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I'm french artist based in Somerset, UK. Figurative printings, drawings, paintings, collages.... on paper. Inspired by nature, the human body, the environment, beliefs... I mix techniques in creating my work

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